Extreme Dance Company


Dancers are expected to attend all classes in the correct uniform. New members are given 4 weeks to purchase this.


• Hair must be tied back for all classes and fringes kept off the face.


• Where children have more than one class on the same evening they must bring all relevant uniform.  The exception to this is prep/primary Ballet & Tap either the tap or ballet uniform may be worn for class, both uniforms will be needed for examinations and shows.


• Each member of the dance school requires a printed T-shirt

• Jackets are optional but recommended especially for those in competition team


All dancers should be well presented at all times - when wearing our uniform they are representing the school and portraying our image to potential new members


Class Uniforms


Pre-School Jazz

• Black sleeveless cat-suit, Extreme Dance T-shirt & Black Jazz Shoes


Pre School Ballet & Tap

• Black sleeveless cat-suit, pink ballet shoes with elastic and black tap shoes. A pink wool wrap around cardigan may be worn.


Basic Uniform – to be worn for Jazz, Musical Theatre and Competition/Show Class.

Infant, Primary & Junior

• Extreme Dance T-shirt, Black sleeveless lycra cat-suit, and black jazz shoes (split soles preferably)

Inter, Senior & Advanced

• Extreme Dance T-shirt, black 3/4 leggings or Jazz flares and black Jazz Boots


Ballet – Prep class upwards

• Pink ballet shoes (ribbons from grade 2 upwards), pink ballet tights & sleeveless pinched front leotard in lycra.


Tap – Prep Class upwards

• Black sleeveless lycra cat-suit, Black socks & Black tap shoes (with Cuban heel and teletone taps from Grade 2 upwards)



• Black 3/4 leggings & Black leotard – Bare Feet


Commercial Street  & Boys Street

• Extreme Dance T-shirt or plain black vest, Black baggy bottoms & Black Jazz Boots/Converse



All dancers must wear their Extreme Dance T-shirt and Black bottoms  for group & Solo singing classes


Purchasing Uniform

• All printed uniform is available to purchase at the dance studios


• We suggest www.dancedirect.com for cheap prices and efficient service for other items

• All our dancers receive a 10% discount at Footlight Dance & Stage Wear.